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Introducing – Tools for Cinema Quality Assurance


Cinema Test Tools for the Non-Technical Manager 

Cinema Test Tools is a free resource for the cinema industry, tuned most particularly for the non-technical manager. The tools include several DCPs, all with interesting means of testing the sound and picture quality for the interested by lightly trained staff. The lessons on sound and light are written to provide a foundation to communicate with the technician who must respond quickly and well to the information that they discover.

The key is a free Online Managers Online Walk Through Checklist that correlates with the many DCPs. It helps bring an understanding of the many nuances of the auditorium's situation in a straightforward way. 

The feet hitting the street. This is where it all plays out.

The Spectre of Vision

This weekend brings back Spectre and it is said to be terrific. It should be all the more terrific since it is playing at a local Dolby Vision cinema, an AMC Prime auditorium – The Burbank 16.

It is not a huge room, nor a huge screen. But it is a huge amount of light being thrown across the distance of 16 rows of executive plush leather seats by a couple of souped up Christie built laser projectors, then splashing onto a low gain white screen. Manufactured by Christie, but the secret sauce is all Dolby.

The measured brightness is set for 106 candela per square meter (cd/m2), a term which is often called 'nits' in the biz. (If you want the deprecated term of foot-lamberts, divide by pi. ) [edit: We have later been told that the translation from foot lambert to candela per meter square should be on the high side – that is, the dual laser system is putting out 108 cd/m2. The low-gain white screen is critical since the opposite (high-gain and/or high-gain and spray-painted aluminum flakes, often called 'silver screens') is notorious for having extremely out of spec hot spots and poor smoothness and dim contrast and horrid vignetting of both darkness and color shift. . . not talked about much since one doesn't like to pi. . . well, one doesn't like to do a lot of things that make associates look bad. . . OK. . . associates looking bad might be OK or not OK, but you don't want clients looking bad, and high-gain screens was one solution for many clients with Dolby 3D systems.  

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Outside Researched Views Immersive

Randi Altman writes in the 2nd part of her post IBC wrap up about Immersive sound at: IBC 2015 Blog: audio offerings - postPerspective - Randi Altman's postPerspective

There are several good nuanced points in what she writes. But there is a point that anyone with even a decade of Entertainment Technology experience will notice. There is quite a bit of cross purposes which should not be ignored whenever reading blanket statements about what world leading facilities want. Ignoring what they say and watching what they do has more value. 

The opposite of a single homogenous fully integrated everyone-gets-a-sandbox-I'm-never-left-in-the-cold-standardized-system is Nothing is Special. Some companies will spend money to be Special.

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CineEurope Solutions: NOC and Screen Verify (UPDATE)

Straight from its successful use at the Festival des Cannes last month, the independant NOC program provider CineXpert will be showing their solutions during Cinema Europe in Barcelona this week. This well-designed system brings a professionalism and alternate choice to cinemas and service providers who haven't been satisfied with previous solutions.

And in this age of the missing tech person, their new slogan is compelling: Ever wanted to invest in your own staff rather than external providers?

If you are at CinemaEurope, their demos are at booth 516.

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The Earliest Exhibitor

This story is worth several good minutes – Still Playing: The Theater That Saw The Birth Of Cinema


CinemaCon Technology: Evolution Has Arrived

There are two vendors which re-defined cinema this week.

Perhaps they only walked into where the trends were heading, but they did so in such an astonishing way that some significant segment of moviegoers will forever change their movie-going ways and some even more significant segment of cinema owners will change their buying habits forever.

First. Black. Dolby. Color Saturation. Dolby. Sound. Dolby. Movie Creators. Dolby. Nuance. Dolby. Striking. Dolby.

Laser replaces xenon. Barco. Now and wide-scaled. Retrofit existing projectors. Barco. Now. Addressing 50%-plus of the new and existing projector market for the next 2 years with retrofits or new buys. Barco. Better pictures for the majority of the world's audience...period...Barco.

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