Comments on the Celluloid Junkie Predictions 2019

For some nuance as to what is topical on the cinema exhibition side of the business: Read this Celluloid Junkie Predictions issue. Obviously there is nuance in the nuance, but have fun with it...for example, they mention that it may take years for LED Walls will get to 4 figures, even with the recent certification of Sony's entry, and a year of 'success' of Samsung's entry, and rumors of LG and others – what is the significance of 4 figures you might wonder.

We have to go back to 2002 when Lucas put out Episode II: Attack of the Clones to get a feel for this. He begged the industry to install 1,000 digital screens and he only got 100 installed to make his release...worldwide. Harry Potter Chamber of Secrets and many other big time movies were released when the technology was still 1.3K and then Shrek II was introduced with 2K finally getting introduced ...and yet it was still not until 2009/2010's Avatar that over 10,000 screens went digital – required because of the 3D element.

2019Predictions Celluloid Junkie
Celluloid Junkie Predictions Issue 2019

Meanwhile, niches such as IMAX took much longer to get to 1,000 screens, and the great advance of DolbyVision is still only shown on hundreds of screens. (The great advance of Atmos is in the thousands, while Auro and DTS:X are less than 100 combined.)

So, hopefully that gives a sense of the spectacular end of the business...not unlike post houses which would order the latest from Ampex or Sony at NAB many months before delivery even knowing that a year later their competition could order the same thing for half what they would be paying. Such is technology. LED walls have some advantage, but they have a lot of hurdles to still overcome.