European Cinema Industry Sees Further Growth in 2017 – UNIC

There's a thousand excuses for the cinema audience number trouble in the US. Last year was following the highest year ever, it was missing one weekend compared to the previous, if just one or two of the expected block-fails were a block-buster...Wowie, the US would be in highest ever again!

Of course, this is a typical situation for a mature business. Every year can't be highest ever.

One might say that the EU might be a mature market as well, but there are a few differences that should be considered.

 Since the UNIC report breaks things down rather well, suffice to say that with markets that were suppressed for decades, and markets which suffered greater and longer in the recent depression, there is a room for adolescent growth, and room for recovering economies growth...and also, there is growth from the actual mature country's growth because they had more/better local movies. 

Here is the link to the report:

European Cinema Industry Sees Further Growth in 2017