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Chapppell University sounds like some place that would sit comfortably next to the quad in Oxford, but in this era it sits on the interwebz and sits in roving training centers around the world. The purpose is to certify people on the deep essenses of Wireshark.

Wireshark is a tool for examining and monitoring an IT network. It is open source and huge with detail. For what I need with my little network it is overkill, though the data of how to use some parts of it as a consultant are very useful...and hardwon.

Which is what Laura Chappell figured out and has dealt with. It isn't for everyone in your organization, but someone in your organization should know this tool well enough to be certified in the use of it. DCinema networks are getting more complex as the shift to IMBs and more reliance upon TMSs and outside resources like satellites.

Chappell University - Online Wireshark Training

Wireshark · the world's foremost netowrk protocol analyzer – Go deep.

That said, when I saw FREE on one of the training pages, I said, "Color me there."

Chappell University - Training Schedule



[Register] FEB 15 10am PST Wireshark 202: Coloring Rules

[Register] FEB 16 10am PST Filter with Snort Rules [AAP Event]

[Register] MARCH 14 10am PST Wireshark 101: Introduction

[Register] MARCH 15 10am PST Filter Expression Button [AAP Event]

[Register] APRIL 25 10am PST First 5 Troubleshooting Steps [AAP Event]


There is so much more to the Chappell website of course. On this page (Chappell University Online Portal) is a DVD ISO image with a Lab Kit, just the thing to get your techs launched into the concept of being a professional in the art...instead of knowing how to thread a film in the projector, they have to see how the movie threads through the network and which parts need a little lite oil, which might need a touch of the hammer.

One could always go with An Idiot's Guide...oops, the Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Dummies book, available for download from another network consulting group. Go to Riverbed's page: Network Monitoring and Troubleshooting for Dummies | Documents | Media & Downloads

Good luck to us all. One way or the other, the ideas and techniques of training the cinema tech support staff in the tools of their trade will prove worthwhile. Outsourcing seems so year 2000.