2020 Details from Barco Demo w/CineTech Geek

The Future of Better Pixels has many vectors, most brilliantly steradianed by a projector with a laser light engine pushing out the photons. Not only are more able to be more efficiently used before burning up the system, but they can be effected to deliver a wider gamut so we can enjoy those deep muddy browns, those barely red brick colors in the shadows and some very heady Hawaiian Blue Hibiscus...which according to the shirt I saw are actually a Cyan mixed with Riviera Mediterranean.

Notwithstanding, Mr. CineTech Geek – James Gardiner – organized a Barco presentation recently, then put it on the interwebz for us all to learn from. Great conversations, great data and great thanks for the great amount of work that went into this. Extra bagels for this man while at CinemaCon.  

Extra videos on specific topics.