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Fitting TSN into IoT – Synopsis

Graeme Harrison of BiAmp Systems has delivered a synopsis that integrates the ba...

The DCP USB on a Mac; CineTechGeek to Digital Cinema Tools

James Garner posts another timely and excellent video piece on Cine Tech Geeks a...


Yes, they are bribing me. If I get the million dollar wedge and bet properly in ...

The Earliest Exhibitor

The Earliest Exhibitor

This story is worth several good minutes – Still Playing: The Theater...

New Harkness Darkness Challenge

The technology that has replaced film projectors is quite elegantly stable once ...

CinemaCon Technology: Evolution Has Arrived

There are two vendors which re-defined cinema this week.

Perhaps they only walk...

Barco Breaks Lasers Into Normal (Updated)

Barco Breaks Lasers Into Normal (Updated)

CinemaCon is starting with a bang, with Barco announcing its first range of larg...

Soundly Said | Mel Lambert Gets Immersive

Soundly Said | Mel Lambert Gets Immersive

Before CinemaCon is NAB. Before NAB is a SMPTE gathering on Technology In Cinema...

Technology Summit on Cinema | SMPTE/NAB2015

Technology Summit on Cinema | SMPTE/NAB2015Kicking off the yearly SMPTE program ...

Boxing NAB

Boxing NAB

Eiji Yoshikawa is someone you have seen pacing the NAB halls for decades as publ...

And Over In This Corner...CinemaCon Interesting 2015

And Over In This Corner...CinemaCon Interesting 2015

15 years ago, the digital projector buzz started. An entire category developed a...

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CinemaCon 2015, Dolby Cinema and their new HDR Laser Projector

One of the most exciting presentations this year at CinemaCon 2015 was the first showing of the Dolby Cinema Laser Projector to the public – in the form of the CinemaCon attendees. It was a memorable event as viewers “gasped” when they were shown the difference in contrast/black level ...

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Nivart forms Image Matters Team

image matters logo

Always nice to see a new company interested in quality. When the new company is created by people who have successfully led the charge for quality in the past, it is all the more interesting. In this case it is Jean-François Nivart and Sabine Wax and other experts who have started Image Matters

An expert in broadcasting, cinema and JPEG 2000 equipment and technologies, Jean-François Nivart  and his team are proud to announce the creation of Image Matters. They are fully buzz-word compliant since they help define the buzzwords:

  • JPEG 2000
  • High Frame Rate
  • HD 2K 4K 8K
  • 3D-Stereoscopic
  • Multi view Omniview

Image Matters creates, designs and markets innovative hardware and software components to help OEMs, integrators and end users develop advanced imaging systems and applications easily and quickly.

Their new website announces two new items, one a product and one a vital test in bringing high-frame-rate video to the market. The product is named: I'm-XS

"Together, the Image Matters team has more than 50 years of experience in audiovisual technologies," said Jean-Francois Nivart, CEO of the new venture.

As an expert in software engineering, Sabine Wax develops practical solutions for media distribution industry needs.

For his part, Jean-Marc Coulon shares his multidisciplinary knowledge, enabling cost-effective product design and manufacturing.

Last but not least, highly experienced in innovative technology sales and marketing, Stephane Deckers is the link between customers and the development team.

Our combined expertise will keep our clients up to date with rapidly evolving technologies

During the NAB show in Las Vegas, Image Matters will introduce its new video boards, based on high-end JPEG 2000 image compression engines from intoPIX.

The team will be there to meet you in the Central Hall at Booth C5046.

For more information, go to